Storing family photos

Storing family photos

How to Use RFID Key Card Technology to Make Your Office Safer

Aubree Rogers

If you're in charge of a large office facility where numerous staff come and go and a lot of different people may have access, then you may be worried about security. In fact, you may have had to deal with some theft, damage or another intrusion in recent times, and you may not feel that you have enough control over individual entry and exit. In this case, you may want to do away with traditional, physical keys altogether and introduce some modern technology instead. What do you need to know about the latest electronic RFID key cards, and how they could be the perfect solution for you?

Programmable Keys

RFID cards use different radio frequencies in order to communicate data between the card and the point of entry. Information is held within a computer chip, and a small antenna will transmit that data via a signal to the door-based receiver. These keys can then be programmed to unlock a specific door whenever the card is placed in proximity to the receiver, and you will be able to completely remove any traditional lock from each access point.

Electronic Security

Traditional keys are quite easy to replicate, and they can be copied without any record. Consequently, it's very easy for them to get into the wrong hands, and this may have led to your recent unfortunate event. However, RFID key cards are extremely difficult to hack as the radio signal itself cannot be replicated. This means that each card signal is encrypted, and the data cannot be read by other tracking devices.

A key card can be individually programmed as well so that it will only be able to open specific doors for a certain amount of time. You can therefore issue different types of card to different employees so that you can restrict access as and when needed.

Other Advantages

Each card is anonymous, and if it were to fall into the wrong hands, it would be valueless. Nobody but the programmer and the authorised user would know which door it could unlock and at what time it would be active.

These key cards can also be programmed to expire if they were lost or stolen or if a specific trigger event were to occur. The system would then be able to deactivate the signal and your facility would once again be secure.

Introducing the Technology

Take full advantage of the latest technology and talk with an electronic supplier like an IDEC distributor about RFID key cards. They will make your job a lot easier and allow you to sleep more soundly at night.


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