Storing family photos

Storing family photos

  • What Are Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems?

    Uninterruptible power supply systems (or UPS systems) are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Whether you're looking for backup power for your home or business, these systems offer various benefits and should be considered. What are the main features and benefits? What is a UPS System?  A UPS system is a device used to provide backup power in the event of a power failure or outage. These systems use batteries and surge protectors to keep your electronics running safely, even during the most severe weather events or other unexpected power interruptions.

  • How Your Fibre Optic Gear Installer Can Help You Get Great Results

    If you are looking to have internet and other communications installed in your home or business for the first time, or if you are hoping to upgrade your existing equipment, then you might be thinking about working with a fibre optic gear installer. Working with one of these professionals instead of attempting to install fibre optic gear yourself should pay off. These are some of the ways that a professional installer can help you get great results.

  • Tips for Achieving Successful Installation of Communication Racks

    A rack is a freestanding frame without sides or doors. Communication racks help organise IT equipment into organised assemblies. When you decide to use a server rack in your business, you should make comprehensive plans. That will prevent making mistakes during the installation process. It is hard to move a communication rack once you install it. Therefore, learn how you can ensure a successful communication rack installation.  Get the Right Room

  • How to Use RFID Key Card Technology to Make Your Office Safer

    If you're in charge of a large office facility where numerous staff come and go and a lot of different people may have access, then you may be worried about security. In fact, you may have had to deal with some theft, damage or another intrusion in recent times, and you may not feel that you have enough control over individual entry and exit. In this case, you may want to do away with traditional, physical keys altogether and introduce some modern technology instead.

  • 3 Things to Pack if You Want to Photograph the Southern Lights on Your Tasmanian Holiday

    The aurora australis phenomenon (also known as the southern lights) may be an awe-inspiring sight, but you don't need to be a pro photographer to capture it. In fact, with a little pre-planning, an amateur photographer like you can snap some share-worthy shots while you're holidaying in Tasmania. Aside from a high-quality camera, here are 3 things you'll need to pack in your suitcase if you want to save your southern lights memories in photo form.

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Storing family photos

It's so easy to take casual snaps of the family these days with lightweight digital cameras and camera phones. However, if you don't have good electronic storage systems worked out, it's all too easy to lose those precious photos if you lose your devices. That's why you need to have backup disks and data storage to make sure that no matter what those memories will be preserved. I use a combination of burning photos to disk and using a data drive to keep all of my important electronic files saved in a few spots. This blog is all about saving electronic files, using electronics equipment and keeping your things in order.